Samsung Galaxy A51 Significant Features Leaked on Geekbench

The Samsung Company had developed months ago a significant upgrade for its Galaxy A50 device series. Geekbench’s website shows some specifications and features of an apparently new Samsung device. The smartphone appeared with model number SM-A515F. This fact only fuels the rumors of a new A series from Samsung, the Galaxy A51.

What Should We Expect for the Upcoming Galaxy A51?

If Geekbench is right and its full list of specifications leaked on its site proved to be precise, then, the Galaxy A51 will represent a considerable improvement for its A-series. Galaxy A51 will come with an Exynos 9611 chipset integrated with a Mali-G72 MP2 graphics system co-processor. Moreover, it would come with one processor which will embody eight cores. The octa-core represents two sets of four cores. Galaxy A51 is more likely to go with 4GB RAM, and it will probably offer two storage options, 64GB and 128GB.

Geeknech’s leaks didn’t list any camera details. We can predict, however, according to what Xiaomi and Realme, which got a quad-camera feature on the back, that may be the new A-series will come with that option, too. Also, considering other speculations, the snappers could have a 32MP primary lens, another 12MP for telephoto ones, and some 12MP for a wide-angle lens, with a 5MP depth sensor.

The Samsung developers didn’t release any information regarding the upcoming A-series, not even clues. Their work, however, is kind of obvious, according to their latest projects.

A Launch Date for Samsung Galaxy A51?

We can say exactly when the device will be released if we don’t have any official details by Samsung. We can still hope, whatsoever, for an early 2020 launch, considering the last Galaxy A50. The first A5 in the series appeared in 2017, along with Galaxy A3 and A7.

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