Samsung Galaxy S11 Comes with a Major Improvement

The Samsung Galaxy S10 range was well-received by players and reviewers alike, offering a wealth of new features while retaining the same high standards, which made the brands famous.

A reliable source spotted an interesting announcement on the website of the Korean equivalent of FCC. The battery of the Samsung Galaxy S11e has been certified, and it appears to be quite remarkable, sparking a series of rumors among fans.

According to the report, the battery is mentioned under the codename of EB-BG980ABY, but the relevant part of the name is G980 sequence. Samsung prefers to tie these tags with, example being the fact that G970 was present in the case of the SM-G97XX Galaxy S10 range. It seems that the Galaxy S11 range will retain the name convention in the form of the SM-G98X series.

The capacity is blurred by the rated battery capacity remains visible and reaches 14.36W. If we take into account hat a regular smartphone operates at 3.85 volts, the capacity of the battery will reach 3800 mAh, up by 700 mAh in comparison to the battery, which was present on the S10e.

Since the S10 and S10+ sported a battery capacity of 3400 mAh and 4100 mAh some voices speculate the numbers could be pushed to 4,000 and 5,000 in the case of the S11 and S11+. The increase would be quite impressive and the rumor since viable since the upcoming Galaxy S10 Lite will sport an impressive battery capacity life.

The primary reason for an increased battery life could be the addition of 5G capabilities since the fast standard is also power-hungry. Previous rumors have also teased a selection of interesting changes for the next generations of Galaxy flagships, including an advanced camera array, AI-powered image processing, and a superior in-display fingerprint sensor.

The company is also working on new charging technology, but the details remain shrouded in mystery.

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