Samsung Galaxy S11 To Sport The New Hubble Optical Zoom Lens

As we know, Samsung has made a habit out of releasing brand-new smartphone models every year, without fail. This year, Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 both gained a good amount of popularity immediately after their launch, selling fast.

Now that the thrill is lower for this year’s models, people have already started to discuss the 2020 models coming from Samsung. According to rumors, the Galaxy S11 might sport a 5x optical zoom lens. Samsung somehow confirmed this rumor when we all found out that the new camera was nicknamed “Hubble.” Also, the codename for Galaxy S11 is “Picasso.”

While Hubble is a gigantic telescope designed to capture shots of distant galaxies, so the nickname suggests a highly-performant camera that has an impressive zoom capacity. Therefore, some expect S11 to feature a zoom lens on the rear side and, possibly, a 5x optical zoom.

The Hubble camera is expected to make an appearance in multiple smartphones, but it is most likely that not all of the 2020 lineup will feature it. However, if Samsung decides to combine the Hubble camera with a 108 MP primary shooter, we might have a serious candidate for the title of the best smartphone cameras on the market. Just imagine what those two amazing features could do together.

Now that we discussed every rumor we heard about the Galaxy S11, it might be time to find out something about the release date of the handsets.

As it happened in previous years, Samsung launches its new devices around the second quarter of the year. Therefore, we should expect to see the Galaxy S11 sometime later than March, but sooner than July. It’s impossible to name an exact date at the moment, but we will receive more information as we get closer to spring.

When it comes to price range, we assume that the Galaxy 11 lineup will have similar prices to the devices Samsung released this year.

Andreea Osu

Andreea Osu

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