Samsung Galaxy S11e Might Have a Battery Capacity of 4,000

The next Samsung Galaxy S series is one of the most discussed topics of the moment on the internet. Sine Samsung made a habit out of releasing new devices each year, 2020 is ought to bring something good from the company. Many rumors have surfaced online, and the latest one refers to the Galaxy S11e’s battery capacity.

The Korea Institute of Chemical Convergence Testing (KTR) published a post on its official website on November 6, revealing a code number for the battery that is about to enter the testing stage. According to the number and the details available on the internal code of the upcoming smartphone lineup, many people started to believe that the Samsung Galaxy S11e, the smallest model, will sport a 4,000 mAh battery.

The product code appearing on the KTR website is EB-BG980ABY, and experts tried matching it to codes that are already in circulation. According to the results, the model battery corresponds to the model with the code G980 or SM-G980. We know that Galaxy S10e had the code SM-970, so it would be logical that the next model is coded SM-980.

Even more, the post on the KTR website included a certification sheet alongside a picture of the battery. The image is not very clear, but from what we can see, the battery is rated 14.36Wh and has a voltage of 3.85Volts. This corresponds to a battery capacity of about 3730 mAh. In addition,  Tipster Ice Universe has tweeted the post below:

The previous model in the series, Galaxy S10e, had a battery capacity of only 3,100 mAh, which means the next model’s battery would increase by 20%. We assume there should be a reason for this upgrade, and we think there are two possibilities. The first would be that the new Galaxy S lineup will be 5G phones. The second possibility is that the screen refresh rates will be in the range of 120 Hz.


Andreea Osu

Andreea Osu

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