Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus Won’t Get the 108 MP Sensor for the Primary Cameras

Samsung will release its 108MP sensor for Galaxy S20 Ultra, and the fans are disappointed because the cheaper versions  – Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus will not get this sensor. The devices are not able to boost this camera, but Samsung will come with the main sensor that’s more impressive than what we have now.

Samsung is set to reveal its Galaxy S20 series next month. The phones have been praised for their potential camera ability, with the S20 Ultra, which will get a new 108 MP sensor. The sensor is huge, and it left S20 and S20+ in the shadows. But we also have good news.

Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus Won’t Get the 108 MP Sensor

As per Ice Universe, the S20 and S20+ will not get the 1/1.3″ 108 MP sensor, but they will still get new camera hardware. They will get a 12MP main sensor. It is the same resolution as the sensors from the previous Galaxy flagships, but there is one difference. The new 12MP sensor will have a pixel size of 1.8μm.

The normal sensors, which are preferred by Google, Samsung, and Apple, have 12MP and a 1.4μm pixel size. You should know that the 48 MP and 64 MP sensors which we got last year had a 1.6μm pixel size.

This new sensor is better than those. It won’t get the marketing impact that the 108MP sensor has, but this one is better than most of its competition. It’s twice the size. This hardware improvement is better. Ice Universe stated that it’s naïve not to think that it’s powerful. Samsung has been using the 12MP one .4μm for four years now, and it is still powerful. 1.8 will be better, and we all know it.

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