Samsung Trademarked Space Zoon for Galaxy S11: Here’s Everything We Know

Samsung has recently trademarked the term “Space Zoom.” We also found out that the camera on the soon-to-hit-the-market Galaxy S11 has a codename: “Hubble.” Of course, it’s clear why this trademark is related to the Galaxy S11.

Samsung registered this trademark with EUIPO – European Union Intellectual Property Office. It was filed as class 9/42. It was also tagged as tablet computers, smartphones, and smartwatches. They did it on the 6th of November.

By taking a look at the tags, we can say that this space zoon technology may be referring to the zooming feature of the “Hubble” camera. This camera has 5x optical zoom lens, which can zoom in to subjects without actually losing details of the quality of the image. This was also described in the trademark.

Together with the 5x “Hubble” lens, the Galaxy S11 will also come with Samsung’s 108 MP ISOCELL sensor, which is able to capture images with a high resolution and with great details. This combo is amazing, and it results in amazing image quality.

The 5x zoom camera was first put in production back in May, but Samsung has not added it to its devices so far. The Galaxy S11 device is the first one to get the 5x zoom camera. Samsung has also dropped a lot of hints with regards to space. They just released the SpaceSelfie Mission for Galaxy S10 5G. \

This Space Zoom feature is another term for hybrid zoom, which can use the periscope 5x zoom sensor and the 108MP ISOCELL sensor at the same time in order to give users image quality at some different focal lengths. They can also support up to 10x hybrid zoom, which is an amazing thing that Samsung offers its users.

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