Samsung Unveils Most Unexpected Upgrades For Galaxy S11

Galaxy S11 comes as a big surprise for lots of us thanks to its gorgeous design. Samsung had unveiled something else, though, which will make the smartphone even more intriguing. As Ice Universe reported, we can expect Samsung to release the Galaxy S11 on February 18th.

The source indicated that the company is likely to release a clamshell foldable device, too. Ice had also suggested that Galaxy S11 will bring a 108MP sensor that bins 9 pixels to develop a 12MP photo. Samsung, however, had never utilized the pixel binning system on its top-rated devices before. The S11 can introduce one of the most advanced and massive new cameras.

Also, SamMobile, alongside Ice Universe, heard of some features about the battery sizes of both versions of Galaxy S11. So, Galaxy S11 will bring a 4,500mAH battery, and the Galaxy S11+, a 5,000mAh one.

New details on Samsung Galaxy S11 were revealed

Samsung Galaxy S11 would represent a significant upgrade compared to the previous generation of S10 (3,400mAh), and S10+ (4,100 mAh). Intriguingly, SamMobile details that the same batteries will power both 4G and 5G for Galaxy S11, while the S11+ version will only be available in 5G.

If you are on a budget, Samsung will put on the entry-level Galaxy S11e an approximately 3,800mAh battery compared to its predecessor, which had a 3,100mAh battery. Samsung will also introduce for Galaxy fans, a groundbreaking ‘Hubble’ camera, a supersized fingerprint sensor, and a next-gen memory. Galaxy S11 can be released a little bit earlier than expected.

As for its design, rumors are indicated that the developers will maintain the same aspect as the previous generation. The only differences, however, would be the glass front and back, and the metal core, as well. Galaxy S11’s display will come with the same AMOLED system; we know so well.

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