SHAREit 5.1.68 Update Brings Improved File Transferring And Sharing Experience

SHAREit is among the most popular file transferring and sharing applications for Android, Windows, iOS, and so on. The app allows users to transfer any type of files, from images and videos to documents and entire apps.

Today, SHAREit 5.1.68 rolled out with several improvements and some new additions to enhance the user experience with the application. Besides, the devs also addressed some minor issues with some bug fixes.

SHAREit Features

  • Fast file sharing – SHAREit the fastest application out there at transferring files, as it can reach 20M/s, that is by 200 times higher than Bluetooth
  • All types of files allowed – The app has no limitations regarding what files the users share, and it supports videos, images, documents, and even apps
  • Support for offline videos – SHAREit permits users to watch video offline anytime they want
  • Buil-in video player – You don’t need to quit the app to watch videos, as it comes with a reliable video player for you to watch the vids that you have received in SHAREit
  • Music in SHAREit – Users can straightforwardly complete their music library with millions of high-quality tracks
  • Customize your app – You can download dozens of GIFs, images, wallpapers or stickers to personalize your app or share with your friends

How To Use SHAREit

Once you’ve installed SHAREit on a compatible device, you have to open the app. If you have the source smartphone, you should select Send, while your contact should choose Receive. After the selection is made, a dialog box pops up, and you can select which files you want to transfer.

Soon the receiver’s device would appear in your app. Just select it and the transfer should start immediately. Obviously, in case you are the receiver, all you have to do is to select Receive, wait for the sender to send the files, and then click to accept the transfer.

What’s New In SHAREit 5.1.68?

The latest SHAREit 5.1.68 only comes with improved playback experience and new reminders for received files. You can find SHAREit 5.1.68 update on the Google Play Store.

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Ben Johnson

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