SHAREit 5.2.38 Came Out With A New Feature And Some Improvements

SHAREit is an excellent sharing app that allows users to transfer a large variety of files at high speeds. It also offers access to a large number of exciting features. Read below to find more about it.

In the past, transferring data from one device to another was a bit more complicated. Before wireless standards appeared, people were forced to use cables, CDs, DVDs or memory sticks to transfer files from one device to another. While these methods could be used easily in most cases, they were quite slow and inconvenient, especially when you want to transfer something, but you are in a hurry.

Many people were happy when Bluetooth became famous as the standard allowed people to transfer files from one device to another without the need to use a cable or other accessories (as long as both devices offered Bluetooth capabilities). Bluetooth remains popular, but it is quite slow. However, apps like SHAREit made file sharing quicker and more straightforward

SHAREit Features

  • Faster than lightning – Several speed benchmarks have shown that SHAREit can reach a maximum transfer speed of 20MB per second, up to 200 times faster in comparison to Bluetooth. All the data is sent safely via WI-FI direct, and the risk of file corruption is minimal.
  • Compatible with a large number of formats – Harness the power of SHAREit to send a vast amount of files to your friends and family. Among them, we can count lovely pictures taken with your smartphone, exciting videos, excellent songs, valuable documents, and much more. Entire apps can be transferred along with their data so you can play together in minutes.
  • Stream videos – Stream a large selection of videos, download them on your device, and find fresh content thanks to daily updates.
  • Built-in video player – Enjoy the features of the built-in video player that is compatible with a large number of formats.

What’s New in SHAREit 5.2.38?

The latest update for the app, SHAREit 5.2.38, comes with a new safe box feature that will protect relevant content. Also, several improvements were included. The new SHAREit 5.2.38 is available to download on Google Play Store.

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