SHAREit vs. Xender – Which Is The Best File Sharing App?

SHAREit and Xender are both enjoying colossal popularity, having each over 100.000.000 active users. Both apps are used often by people to share content, but not the reputation nor the colors should be decisive within this rivalry, but only the capabilities of the apps themselves.

Both SHAREit and Xender have a transfer speed of maximum 40MB/sec, both support Wi-Fi and Hotspot connectivity, and both can share content into groups. Therefore they both seem surprising, but now it’s time to speak about the differences.

SHAREit vs. Xender – Features


Xender is for Android and iOS, SHAREit also works on Windows as well. So the prize in this category goes to SHAREit.

Web Share

SHAREit doesn’t support web share, Xender does and takes the cake this time.

Folder Transfer

SHAREit supports it, Xender doesn’t. SHAREit wins.

Age on the market

Perhaps most people don’t care about this aspect, but it is noticeable that Xender is an older app than SHAREit. Xender was established in 2011, while SHAREit came to the market four years later.

SHAREit vs. Xender – Conclusions

Therefore you can consider SHAREit a better app because it works on computers as well, and Xander doesn’t. But excepting this aspect, Xender is a faster app. It depends on what type of user are you to determine which app you consider to be better. If you prefer speed most, Xander is for you. If you can’t imagine a content sharing app without the sharing of files having your laptop included, then SHAREit is for you.

If you still didn’t make up your mind by choosing one of the apps, remember that you can always go for the good old trick of sending yourself files by accessing your WhatsApp or Facebook account from two different devices.

Feel free to express yourself in the comments below and tell us which is your favorite way of sharing files! Is it SHAREit, Xender, Zapya or some other new unknowable app, or maybe one that you invented? Leave a comment, and it’s free!

Arya Spetza

Arya Spetza

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