Sileo is Now Available on iOS 13 in Exchange for Cydia

Despite Apple’s best efforts to make it impossible for developers to crack iOS, the jailbreak community is not giving up too easily. There are dozens of developers who have made it their specialty to discover security exploits that make it possible for them to crack Apple’s operating systems. In fact, the latest iOS 13 has already been cracked with the checkra1n tool. On the downside of things, the checkra1n tool is not available for devices that are powered by the A12/A13 chips.

The main reason iPhone users are installing jailbreak tools on their devices is because they want to access apps and services that Apple doesn’t agree with and bans on the App Store. Here is where Cydia comes in. This is the jailbreak version of the App Store. However, Cydia is not the only platform that jailbreak fans can use in order to access their favorite apps. Sileo can do that as well, but at a cost!

Sileo is Now Available on iOS 13

The developers who are in charge of Sileo have recently announced that a new version has been released which is compatible with Apple devices that are running on iOS 12.3 and higher. This means that iPhone users who have installed the checkra1n jailbreak tool can finally access all the apps that they want.

Say Goodbye to Cidya

Unfortunately, the developers of Sileo also had some bad news to share with the jailbreak community. Installing the app comes at a cost. Sileo is not available as a backup option with Cydia as the primary package. This means that iPhone users will be required to remove Cydia from their devices in order to access Sileo and all the apps that it offers. According to multiple reports, the jailbreak community is not happy about this and we should expect an update that fixes the issue to roll out in the upcoming future.

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