Sims 4 University Expansion Unveiled: School Classes, Dorms, and Much More

Sims 4 will receive an update next month, an expansion called Discover University. Players will get the chance to try a new experience for their Sims characters. The expansion pack will bring two Universities in the games, according to the recent news made public by Microsoft Store.

The Universities Pack

Players can choose between two different universities for their Sims characters to attend. Higher studies are now available from the Foxbury Institute and the University of Britechester. Also, Sims would enjoy the campus experience if they decide to or to start a new life off-campus. Actions such as going to classes, the library, making new friends, explore the campus, or more will be the new Sims’ activities. The new students could also pick many school subjects, from Computer Science, Literature or Biology.

Discover University is not all fun and peace. Sims must get good grades to pass their exams. Their results will bring them better-paid jobs, and they can even choose the education field.

The new expansion pack resembles real life very much. Players can choose for their Sims characters to get more involved in many extra-curricular activities, even in the popular ones such as juice pong or university drinking game. Moreover, Sims can try club life by joining a secret society in which they can enter only if they are lucky enough.

Discovery University pack expansion comes with the popular action of customization dorm rooms or the campus. Imagine picking posters to hang on walls or choosing the right accessories for your place, which will be as many as you want. As Sims showed us until now, the possibilities are endless.

The expansion will be available starting November 15 via Origin. Fans out there are ready to get their Sims character to another high level educational this time.

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