Siri has been reprogrammed to avoid questions about feminism

Apple has rewritten replies from its voice assistant to questions about “sensitive topics” such as feminism or the #Me movement also for the sake of neutrality, according to internal documents obtained by the British daily The Guardian .

According to their information, Siri was reprogrammed in June 2018 to avoid directly answering questions on these subjects, simply pronouncing “in favor of equality”, without using terms such as feminism .

Siri has to be careful when it comes to potentially controversial content. When delicate questions are asked, they can be avoided. We must ensure neutrality , we can read in the internal documents.

When it comes to feminism, the voice assistant redirects users to the Wikipedia page or to the definition of the term in the dictionary if it does not use its standard answer stating that all humans should be treated on one foot. of equality.

The same treatment applies to questions such as “What is your opinion on women’s rights?” or “What do you think about gender equality?”

In the past, Siri answered these questions more directly. The voice assistant said, for example, that she did not know if he was a feminist or that she did not understand.

Apple has also rewritten Siri’s responses to be more sensitive to sexual harassment. The assistant has been criticized in the past for her compliant responses to statements such as” Siri, you are a bitch.” Siri formerly answered this question by “I would blush if I could,” while she now says “I will not answer that.”

The Apple brand told the Guardian in a statement that its approach with Siri was to offer factual and inclusive answers rather than opinions.

The internal documents indicate that the voice assistant has no gender, “is not human” and has “no point of view.”

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