Snapdragon 855 Plus, Apple’s A13 Chip and Kirin 990 5G – Best Hardware Comparison

Apple has released the new iPhone 11 trio. They also released the Apple A13 chip. According to some sources, this chip is the fastest one on the market. Some time ago, Huawei released the SoC series, called Kirin 990. However, Qualcomm still remains the best one out there, so we cannot forget about Snapdragon 855 Plus. We are here to compare them and tell you which one is the best.

When it comes to hardware

Apple’s A13 makes the most out of Hexa-core CPU. It has two lightning cores point of 2.66GHz. There are also four cores which are called Thunder.

Kirin 990 came to us with a tri-cluster octa-core CPU. It also has two strong Cortex-A76 cores with 2.86GHz and another 2 Cortex A76 cores with 2.36GHz. There are also four Cortex A55 cores, with 1.95GHz.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus comes with another tri-cluster CPU, but it has a different style. Its Kyro 485 – Cortex A76 cores have one powerful cluster at 2.96 GHz, and the other three will arrive with 2.42 GHz and another four power-efficient Kyro 485 cores, which will remain at 1.78 GHz.

They seem nice on paper, but when it comes to the real world, it’s a whole other story. Apple is quite known for its optimizations, be It part of the software or hardware. The chip from Apple is useful, but it’s not as good as Snapdragon 855+ and Kirin 990 5G.

Snapdragon 855+ is made on the first generation TSMS 7nm process. The Kirin 990 5G chip comes with more advanced technology, 7nm+ EUV node by TSMS. If we are to take a look at Apple’s past, it should be better than the others. Kirin 990 5G is placed on the 2nd place for sure.

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