Snapdragon 865 Chipset — What to Expect in 2020

This article is meant to show you what you should be excited about when it comes to phones that will get Qualcomm’s high-end Snapdragon 865 chipset. Phones will get faster and smarter, and we need to learn to keep up with them.

About the Snapdragon 865 Chipset

The chip powers all of your favorite features. Qualcomm’s next chipset, the Snapdragon 865, is what will start powering phones with the start of the next year. We will get 5G speeds, support for a digital driver’s license, a camera worth of 200 megapixels. The gaming experience on your phone will be closer to that on a desktop.

Qualcomm’s in-screen fingerprint reader was not at its best when it was first implemented. They are trying again, with a new one, called 3D Sonic Max, a fingerprint reader, that’s large enough to help you register with two fingers.

It should unlock your device faster and more secure, as well. You might get the option to two-finger unlocking, or the dual-finger authentication for mobile payments. You can also use it to capture your heart rate.

We can edit 8K videos

Every phone that will get the Snapdragon 865 will also have the 5G capability. It will have the ability to support up to 8K HD video, with an ultra-high resolution.

A 30-second 8K file? 1 GB of space. It takes about 20 minutes to upload that in 4G, which is impractical, and it screams the need for a fast Wi-Fi connection. This will also drain your battery. But by having 5G, you will be able to both upload and edit the videos way faster.

The Google Assistant will know where you are, and all it has to do is listen

Your phone is already set with the “Ok, Google” words, which trigger the assistant. Snapdragon 865 wants more. It wants the assistant to understand what’s going on just by listening. They want to be trained to identify the sound of a baby crying, then act. You can get an alert to check the baby.

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