Snaptube Most Common Issues and Their Fixes

There are three methods to fix the most common problems in SnapTube. We know it is a premium level app, but there are still some bugs that manage to live. But they should not be a pain in the back, and you should fix them quickly. Also, you don’t need to worry too much, since developers are continually updating it with fix patches, and not only.

When the app keeps crashing

This is the most common – and annoying – problem with SnapTube. It sometimes crashes. This problem is very irritating, especially when it happens in the middle of downloading a video. To fix it, you need to go to the Settings panel and go to All Apps. Find SnapTube and clear the cache.

It’s a straightforward fix for when the app crashes. If it doesn’t work, try clearing other apps that you don’t really use.

When the download does not start

Keep in mind that SnapTube is used for downloading videos. Well, sometimes it does not work to do so, and without it, it’s useless. And the reason is clear: the app does not exist on the Google Play Store, you can only get it in the form of APKs. Some of these APK files are broken or expired. Make sure the APK is in good shape before you install the app.

If nothing from these work

If clearing the cache from time to time is a no-go, then you can always try uninstalling and installing it again. Also, don’t forget to go to the “Permissions” panel, and allow downloading video from this app, so that the security system of the app won’t block it.

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