Sony’s PlayStation Awards Are Coming – Do We Have a Chance to Find Out the Release Date for GTA 6?

September 2013 was the last time when a new GTA enter the market. GTA 5 appeared six years ago, and in all this time, fans worldwide have waited for a further follow up. After all the rumors and leaks, everyone believes that Rockstar will launch the next GTA 6 in a short time. Now, the last hope is for the grand event, Sony’s PlayStation Awards, and maybe there, we will find out more.

Could Be GTA 6 Announced Soon?

Leaks after leaks and rumors after rumors regarding GTA 6 are taking over the Internet. Fans are discussing everything they found out, such as the idea of a multi-era game, or that the action could take place in different countries. Other people are claiming that they saw the testing for the game, but of course, these kinds of rumors aren’t real.

What Could Happen at Sony’s PlayStation Awards?

Taking note that this event is getting close, everybody’s eyes are on it. The GTA communities have active members that are talking about the idea of a new title to be announced on 3 December. On this date it is the 25th anniversary for Sony and the event is taking place on the same day in Japan. At the event, Sony will hand out the PlayStation Awards as well, but nothing else is confirmed for the ceremony.

Finally, thinking further, Sony is the one with legal advertising rights for Rockstar’s titles. The connection that everyone is making is that the event could be the best chance to announce a significant and awaited game title as GTA 6. Besides this, we should also consider that Rockstar doesn’t have a habit to participate at these ceremonies, and they don’t usually announce a new title or even a teaser.

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