Subway Surfers 1.112.0 Update: It’s Christmas Time!

Subway Surfers might be a tricky game at some point. You need to dash as fast as you can and simply avoid the trains. You need to help Jake, Tricky and Fresh avoid and escape the InspectorInspector and his dog.

Subway Surfers is one popular game

The game comes with so many possibilities, and you can enjoy it by making the most out of its features. You can grind trains and take your hoverboard and start “surfing.” Your jetpack will help you collect enough coins for you. in this game, you only need to swipe, so swipe your way out of the hands of the InspectorInspector.

You can challenge or help your friends – or both! The graphics are HD and ready to be tried by an eager player! You can play between Jake, Fresh, and Tricky at first. Then, as the game progresses, you unlock terrific characters. You can choose outfits for them and give them upgraded accessories.

This game is so much fun! When you move your hands left and right, you can optimize the movement quickly and easily. You can take the help of the up arrow key to hop, and the down arrow key to slide below – this is how you avoid the InspectorInspector. Don’t forget that you can also hoover through obstacles! This chase is fantastic, and you should not miss it!

So what is new in Subway Surfers 1.112.0 update?

The winter update is here! Follow the Subway Surfers World Tour! Run through the snowy subway and grind trains while seeing it all white. Explore the Holiday Sale and get more things you need, from boards to jolly surfers. Get the coziest outfits for Malik and Elf Tricky.

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