Terrarium TV App – A Short Guide On How To Use It

In recent times streaming rose as a popular alternative to streaming services, which can be quite expensive in the long run. While many streaming services will require a subscription to gain access to content, platforms like Terrarium TV offer much of the same content without the need to pay a dime. Terrarium TV is a legend among many Android users, but there some facts about the app that is quite important. Read below to learn more about them.

The rise of Terrarium TV

A few years ago, many internet users relied on Popcorn Time to watch content for free. The service was quite popular, but most of the content was pirated, and after numerous copyright complains, the service was shutdown.

Terrarium TV became a popular alternative, offering access to the same content and a simple user interface that could be handled by anyone. In a few months, it garnered thousands of users who enjoyed their favorite shows and movies each day with the help of a dedicated app.

Falling from grace

Many users were surprised when one day, the service ceased to function. The official website was no longer accessible, and the GitHub page of the project could not be found. After a few months, the creator of the app decided to explain why the service was retied.

From the very start, Terrarium TV was a ship that navigated in grey waters. The content shown within the app was not hosted by its developer, but it was ripped from sources that may not have been exactly legal in the first place. It is easy to observe that this can be deemed as piracy with extra steps, and the developer wished to avoid any potential legal issues.


While the official Terrarium TV app is no longer available, some several websites and platforms offer what appears to be an updated version of the app. However, it is easier to use Pluto TV, a service that is both free and legal.

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