Terrarium TV: The History of One of the Best Streaming Services out There

People watch a lot of TVs. We all know it. And sometimes people want more than just the ordinary package. Terrarium TV is often too good to be true. It comes with many options, and if you don’t want to pay more money for the cable subscription, we are here to tell you everything you need to know about Terrarium TV.

This one is an Android-based television service, which offers you pretty much anything there is without actually paying for it. But is it safe to download it on your device? Is it legal? We are here to answer all your questions.

Was it safe?

We know that this kind of service has become popular in recent times, but not all of them are also good. There are many options to replace the TV cable, and most of them are safe. People often rely on a Virtual Private Network (VPN). When you stream online in order to watch Terrarium TV, it’s not unusual to use a lot of data. It’s quite common to stream the HD channels. The use of aa VPN is legal and safe if you want to live streaming services.

How did it become popular?

First, it was Popcorn Time, which allowed you to download content by using BitTorrent. The entire content was pirated, and the service was withdrawn fast.

Terrarium TV seemed similar to Popcorn Time, and the device was powered by Android. The package was nice, the live television service was initially behind the scenes, but it seemed that the service would not last long, as it was with Popcorn Time.

But it managed to live…

Some people ask themselves how it is still alive. Initially, you had to go to the official website and download it, but the site suddenly disappeared. There was no reason for the disappearance, it just gave up to exist. But users still wanted to watch content from this service. The service eventually came to its end with an official statement by its creator, Nitro-xenon. It simply said that the service was shutting down, and the app will close on its own. The developer also stated that there were no plans to open-source the app so that no one could retrieve it.

Was it legal?

Even if the service is officially closed, it’s still a source of entertainment for users. The content viewed through this service was given by several links to videos that are still available on the internet. So technically, it is not illegal, and your ISP may not be a fan of this option.

The service saved the links to the videos from the internet that host the legal video services.

The problem with this service was that developers didn’t check if the source of the videos was legal, which means that you may have watched something which was uploaded to a site that was probably not legal. From this point of view, Terrarium TV was legal, but still, the authorities were not happy with it.

Those who had the app installed got notifications asking them to uninstall the app. Their IP addresses and their location were tracked.

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