The 5G Network Is Already Popular in the Gaming World

The next-gen 5G network has appeared to be a massive deal at Tokyo Game Show 2019, primarily since it represents a more fantastic gaming experience.

This new network is set to offer some transmission speed at around 100 times faster than 4G. It is also expected to allow all-in-one imagery, but with lower latency, as well as more vivid images and sharper motion. Insiders say that it will have a significant impact on the quality of virtual reality games and augmented ones.

How good is 5G?

Omar Alshiji, who is a game designer from Bahrain, said that it was very responsive, consistent, and smooth. He stated this after he played the fighting game called Tekken, at the NTT Docomo Inc. booth. This happened at a game show that lasted for days in Chiba.

The Japanese mobile carrier has installed 5G base stations this year, and it made available the brand new high-speed network at the show. Omar said that in his country there is no 5G, only 4G and that he wanted to try it to see how it is. He said it was faster. There was a faster response from players, and this is very important when it comes to esports competitive gaming.

5G is already available in some places in the United States, and in South Korea, and it will be available to Japan starting next year. The network won’t be only available or used in games, but also for independent driving and some medical surgeries.

There was another game which was presented with 5G, and that is “Street Fighter V Arcade Edition.” It was a fantastic experience to play it with 5G, as per various users. The characters changed their looks according to the user’s movement, and people could see them from different angles.

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