The Best Midfielders for FIFA 2020 Are Here

A great midfielder (also known as CAM) is an essential player for the team as he keeps the ball moving and opens opportunities for other teammates. CAMs may not be active at all times in some formations, but creative players will find a way to use them.

Below you can find a selection of players who are excellent as a CAM. Add them to your roster, and you will dominate online matches without problems.

Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin de Bruyne is perceived by many as one of the most creative players in the world. During the early years of his career he played a lot of time in Germany. He joined Manchester City in 2015 and rose to be a core player of the team. A 92 short passing, 91 long passing, and 86 dribbling will offer freedom of choice while 91 shot power and 82 finishing have a good chance to score an impressive goal.

Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala rose to fame after he started playing for Palermo in 2012. His skills attracted the attention of Juventus, and management decided to acquire the player in 2015. With 90 dribblings and 86 acceleration, you can keep possession of the ball for a long while. Use the 87 short passes to your advantage during tight situations.

Christian Eriksen

Eriksen learned to master football at the Ajax Academy and evolved into one of the most interesting football players in recent times. An impressive 92 vision 91 short passes, and 89 long passing will let Eriksen dance around the field with the ball.

David Silva

Silva is one of the most iconic CAMs in the world and played an important role in converting Manchester City into a Premier League team. The player might be near the end of his career, but his excellent stats, in the form of 92 short passing, 87 dribblings, and 84 crossing make him a force to be reckoned with.

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