The Best Minecraft Seeds – Meteor Mystery and Shipwreck Survival

With more than 100 million active players each month, Minecraft is the most popular video game in the world.

A large part of the success of the game stems from the fact that it offers a sandbox playground, allowing you to forge entire cities or visit remote areas in an attempt to hunt for beautiful treasures. The randomness of the world keeps every new map fresh, but in some cases you may want to customize your experience and know more about you may encounter during your adventures.

Seeds can offer you this opportunity since they let you know more about the world before you decide to begin a new adventure. Below you can find a list of excellent seeds that offer a great experience.

Meteor mystery

Players who opt for this seed will spawn in a small town which is full of villagers and a selection of resources. Look a bit around, and you will see a giant crater that was created by a mysterious explosion. Explore these mysterious craters and journey through the depths of the bedrock. You will need Minecraft Java Edition 1.14+ to play it. Seed code: 2084759484.

Shipwreck Survival

Take the role of a marooned castaway and face the dangerous life on a small island with limited resources. A well-planned strategy could pave the way towards a glorious fortress in the middle of the sea or a daring escape in search of new land. As in the case of the previous seed, the Java Edition is needed. Here’s the code: 24175033.

A song of ice and spire

Players who wish to face the dangers of the world alone as they roam through a frozen wasteland will love this seed, which brings a few interesting changes to the classic ice biome. The seed code is 2223210 and is compatible with the Bedrock edition.

Ravine lodgings

A Batcave in Minecraft sounds good, especially since you start near a village which offers plenty of liberty when it comes to materials and opportunities.  If it suits your taste and you have the Java Edition, the seed is 1413498379.

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