The Clash of Clans September Balance Update Available to Download

Clash of Clans may have been released a long time ago, but the popular mobile game has remained a hit, with millions of people enjoying the title each month. Unlike other developers who release countless sequels which force the players to start from scratch, again and again, Supercell has decided to support the game, and the excellent updates offered lots of new stuff to do.

The latest update brings a fresh selection of buffs and nerfs, which aim to improve the gameplay experience. It is also expected that it will encourage players to experiment with troops which aren’t as popular without disrupting the current meta trends.


Some players may be disappointed by the fact that the Hog Rider and Hog Rider were nerfed slightly. The two units were used in tandem by many players as an excellent way to reach the coveted three-star rating while attacking an enemy village. At level 9 the Hog Rider will have 890 health instead of 920. In the case of the Hog Glider, a level 18 troop will have 2124 health instead of 2336.

To enhance the defensive potential, the Tesla and Mortar received a health buff. A level 10 Tesla Tower and level 12 Mortar will have 980 health instead of 950. However, the Inferno Tower has a lower DPS at level  2 and 3.

The Hog troops meta has been quite popular in recent years, and it is expected that some player backlash will be visible on the forums in the following days. In a few weeks the next Clash of Clans World Championship will take place, and the changes could bring some interesting strategies. Several players argue that the changes will not be noticeable in the case of competitive Clan Leagues.

The entire changelog for the patch can be checked by accessing the official forums, which offer detailed information about each unit, including per level stats.

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