The Elder Scrolls 6 – The Possible Locations In The Game

During the E3 2018, Bethesda officially announced The Elder Scrolls 6. In consequence, dozens of rumors emerged all over the Internet. Some of the stories might be true, but others could be just fakes. Today, we’ll talk about the possible locations in the game.

Possible Locations In The Upcoming The Elder Scrolls 6

High Rock

According to the teaser released in 2018, during E3, many fans of the popular franchise believe that The Elder Scrolls 6 would take place in High Rock.


Many arguments point to Hammerfell as the location of the action in the upcoming game. And those also came thanks to the before-mentioned teaser. As the trailer suggests, the action could take place at the West of Tamriel and the seagulls that fly in the distance.


A statement made by Bethesda’s senior VP, Pete Hines, in 2018, could be interpreted as a confirmation that the game would take place in Tamriel. But, at that time, the game was in its early stages of development so that things might have changed since then.

Other continents

Another theory among The Elder Scrolls 6 fans is that the game could be set in a brand new location. That is somewhat unlikely, but who knows for sure what surprises Bethesda prepares for us.

Multiple regions

Also, a less unlikely possibility is that The Elder Scrolls 6 action will take place in multiple continents in the game. Maybe, those could be all the areas of Tamriel or others.

Other News About The In-Game Location

Earlier this year, Todd Howard stated that Bethesda expects The Elder Scrolls 6 to be a game that the fans would play for at least ten years. Accordingly, we should expect the title to take place in a vast continent in the game.

The Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date

In the end, we should also discuss the possible release date for The Elder Scroll 6. We do not have an official statement in this regard, but as per rumors, the title will come out in the 2020s. However, we should expect that the production of the game to take more than that, so it might even come out in the 2021s, possibly on the next-gen consoles.

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