The Elder Scrolls: Blades Release For Nintendo Switch Delayed

The Elder Scrolls: Blades was announced for Switch at E3 2019, but it won’t come to the console this year. The studio, Bethesda, made a statement with regards to this matter, in which they said that we would have to wait until 2020 to start exploring Blades with Joy-Con.

But they also have good news for us: many improvements are coming to the mobile version, and they will also be present on the Switch release, as well.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades 1.5 Update

The significant change stands in the chest timers, which are going to be removed in the 1.5 updates. This update will make its appearance in early December. After the updates hit the devices, the chests will open immediately, without you having to wait for them.

A lot of people complained about the game and the timer, so it is finally going away. They are also going to increase the loot drops, which means that the enemies will grant you even bigger rewards when you kill them. They will also add more loot-stuffed breakable objects, as well, so make sure you do many swipes at the screen.

About The Elder Scrolls: Blades Gameplay

They will also add PvP to the game, and it will be available in the Switch version. Any player that is above level 5 will be able to fight other players on one-on-one games. This way, you can win more loot and go up in the leaderboards.

They will also add guilds with this update, and you will be able to visit your friend’s towns and buy items from their merchants. All of the features will be cross-platform, which means that Nintendo Switch players will be able to join the guilds of the mobile players.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades was released for mobile devices back in April 2019, while the Nintendo Switch variant would come in 2020.

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