The Sims 5 Rumored Launch Date and Details Hinted by the Discover University Pack Expansion

The Sims 5 might be all only rumors or expectations, but players might get some significant hints from the last pack extension, the Discover University. Many fans seemed sure about the fact that The Sims 5 is connected somehow by the roadmap that Maxis made for the Sims 4’s gameplay. How important is this? Well, it actually means that if the developers have more plans of upgrading the latest series, then the release of the Sims 5 is further pushed for a later date. Discover University is another reason that fuels the rumors about the upcoming series, even if we don’t have some official details yet. Moreover, developers didn’t put a definitive timeline for the actual series, making it kind of impossible to release another series soon.

Such a fact made players think that the Sims 5 won’t be available until EA developers see more opportunities with the current 4 version.

Discover University Pack Extension Might Still Be in the Next Game Series

It is indeed too early about Sims 5’s gameplay discussion, but some predictions are welcomed. By analyzing the Discover University expansion, players think this addition can appear in Sims 5, as well. The expansions “Seasons” and “Island Living,” for example, from Sims 4, are part of the previous installments. University-themed gameplay is considered a significant addition, appearing in the second through the fourth Sims main releases.

The Discover University pack expansion has been a real blast recently, offering players many possibilities to experience the universities’ lives. From classes to attend, start new friendships, choose the favorite school subjects to customize your dorm, the extension has it all. Moreover, it gives you more freedom to pick some of the most unexpected situations for your Sims character.

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