This Is Why Dell Is the Big Brother We All Need

The founder of Dell stated that his company has participated in the democratizing access to technology, and it made it more available to people.

During the Dell Technologies Summit in Austin, the CEO talked about the importance of technology; that’s not reserved for the elite. He stated that the level that we can pull, which has always worked, as a matter of fact, was always available to the technology, which means that for a thing like 5G – something we all want to achieve – there is a lot of work to do. The CEO said that they were trying to bend the curve on the economics of 5G by taking steps ahead of the virtualization and simplification. The result is that, if they can drive the financial model and flatten it, even more, make it something less than a premium product that’s only meant for the elite, and instead of making it available to everyone, it would be good for the people and for the company. The industry, as well.

According to some insiders, it might also call up for opportunities for people that want to change the education cycle. Just imagine the underdeveloped settings, and the population which is now able to do AR-based actions at a price they can all afford – it really changes something in the world.

John Roese stated that he was on board when they started One Laptop per Child back in the 2000s, and the fact that they were able to make children literate – children who could not even read or write by using technology – was the entire reason why they lowered their prices and made their devices generally available. He then said that the goal of Dell Technologies is not to create devices for people who can afford it, but for all the people everywhere.

Arya Spetza

Arya Spetza

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