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We all love to play games. They’re a great way to shut off the noise of the outside world, relax and have fun. There does come a point with all games though when fun gives way to frustration.

We’ve all seen the viral videoes of gamers shaming up their controllers or defenestrating a console when frustration emphatically boils over into anger.

Whilst you may never have taken such drastic action yourself, you can undoubtedly empathise with the sentiment. If frustration and anger are dominating your online gaming experience, you might want to check out these tools… Use properly they can improve your online gaming prowess and redress the balance between fun and frustration.

A Poker Odds Calculator

Online poker has taken off massively in the past decade or so, and is now one of the most played online games in the country. Unlike most other online games, there’s a real element of jeopardy to online poker as you’re often playing with your own, hard-earned cash.

If you’re stuck in the Netherzone so to speak, of winning just enough to get by, you need to invest time and effort into improving your game.

Learning how to count your outs and pot odds is a vital part of self-improvement. If you master outs and odds, you’ll notice an upturn in your fortunes almost immediately.

The problem, however, is that leaning outs and odds is intrinsically boring, and you don’t play poker online to be bored, you play it for fun and to relax.

To get around this element of boredom and still get results, try using a poker odds calculator. It’s an online tool that allows you to input your card and the flop, which it will use to calculate your outs and pot odds.

By using one of these calculators, you can boost your present chances whilst also learning about outs and odds through repetition. In short, you’ll learn the easy way without making your passion for online poker feel like a chore.


Every year the latest release of console soccer game FIFA is eagerly anticipated by millions of players around the globe. The biggest draw for many of these millions of players is the online game mode, Ultimate Team.

When you first open up Ultimate Team, you will be awarded basic player packs, from which you’ll have to assemble a team. Your first 10 or so games will be tough as you’ll have to battle for victory with third or fourth tier players.

With about 500 coins on offer for a win, it will take you a long time to accumulate enough coins to buy Cristiano Ronaldo (1,430,000 coins) or Lionel Messi (1,440,00 coins.) So how come you keep coming up against bang average players with a front three of Messi, Mbappe and Ronaldo?

Well, that’s because a lot of players pump staggering amounts of real-life money into the game, buying premium packs and quick-selling their player hauls until they have enough coins to buy the ‘big-three’ outright.

If you want to level the playing field without spending any of your own cash, download FUTBIN now. The app has solutions to squad building challenges which can unlock premium players, but the most important element of the app is the player info.

FUTBIN provides up-to-date price information on every manager, player and consumable in Ultimate Team. If you use this to your advantage, you can find out the ‘Buy It Now’ price of a player, buy multiple cards for less than that value using bids and then re-sell them for a profit.

Within a couple of days, you can turn 1,000 coins into 1 million coins just through trading alone. There’s no need to spend real cash on Ultimate Team. Use FUTBIN and the transfer market to boost your coins and get the best team possible.


This video-game-live-streaming service was first launched in June 2011. In the subsequent 8 years, Twitch has gone on to become a behemoth in the world of online gaming, with many of the biggest names in streaming like Richard Tyler Bevins making their name through the platform.

Twitch isn’t just about entertainment though, it’s a valuable learning platform for every single gamer in the world. You can use the platform to become a better COD, FIFA or Destiny player whilst enjoying yourself at the same time.

Most Twitch streamers tend to be pretty good at the games they play – very few people want to watch garbage players after all. So, by watching the very best gamers in the world you can pick up tips, tricks and tactics which you can then incorporate into your own game.

On top of that, Twitch gives you a tool to record your own gameplay, which you can rewatch after to see what was good, and most importantly, what was bad and needs improving on. You can also ask anyone watching for tips on how to get the most out of your playing style.

GTA V – Custom Maps

Grand Theft Auto is one of those rare games that you can play for months on end after completing the main story. The map is so detailed that you can spend literally hours exploring the city, the desert or mountain ranges.

You will reach a point where you start to know the map better than your own town, so why not check out some of the custom map downloads? Fan groups have come together to produce a huge list of additional map content.

You can download a Hitman Assassination Map Pack, a Walking Dead map and even a Stranger Things style secret Russian base. It’s not just large-scale changes either, you can download buildings, signs and structures to revolutionise your map.

If those extras don’t sound appealing, you can get your creative juices flowing and design your own map or extras by downloading the Map Builder mod. It’s like combining Minecraft and GTA to augment your gaming experience.

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