Top 3 Best Android Calendar Apps

Probably one of the most used and essential apps, the Calendar is there when you need to set straight some plans or schedule appointments. However, when our agenda is full and the weeks seems to get so busy, we search for other Calendar alternatives, ones which can offer us more options.

Top 3 Best Android Calendar Apps

Google Calendar

Starting from the basic one, the Google Calendar, we can get features like automatical synchronization. For example, if you are using Maps and Gmail for a while now, the Calendar will logically manage your schedule. What is interesting is the automation and cross-communication options.

Imagine you have received an email regarding a business plan or meeting, Google will automatically put it to your calendar app. Sometimes it even adds a phone number and an address. Google Calendar, unfortunately, don’t reach your highest standards of design, and it is not best customizable. It receives, however, many updates, frequently, and being a pre-installed app is a bonus because it is free.

Cloud Cal

Being the outcast of the apps, Cloud Cal is far more different than the regular calendar apps. It acts quickly and flawlessly, ready to puts you in touch with your schedule. The app uses a significant approach through some visual cues in the overview. This feature allows you to see how many appointments or plans you have every day. Also, selecting a random or specific day offers you all the details into view bottom screen positioned.

To get a full experience and use Cloud Cal at its maximum, you need to pay for a Pro version. The upgrade will bring you options for attaching your documents or any files to a planned event, and put locations in Google Maps to it.

Business Calendar 2

The app with the infinite customization features. Business Calendar 2 is well-known for its smooth design and functionality. The app gives you the freedom to chose whatever design you like and many widgets. Even the widgets have their theme features.

You can see your appointments or other scheduled events very quickly, and add any contact, notes, or location cleverly. Business Calendar 2 lets you unlock many updates anytime, and it’s also one of the best Android calendar apps out there.

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