Top 5 Best Android Icon Packs You Can Use In 2019

Many users get bored with their Android devices. If you are on a budget and can’t buy a new smartphone, there are some tweaks you can apply to make your mobile phone enjoyable once again. Using icon packs is perfect for that purpose. In this article, we put up a list with the top 5 Android icon pack that you can use.

Top 5 Android Icon Packs In 2019

Click UI

While it’s not quite one of the best Android icon packs out there since dozens look-alike, Click UI was the first to introduce long shadows to its icons to give the sense of motion.

Click UI icons look neat, and the icon pack deserves its place in the top 5 Android packs in 2019.


PixBit, as its name suggests, turns your original icons into pixelated ones. This icon pack will most likely make some nostalgics happy. The app also comes with pixelated wallpapers, so the package is complete.

PixBit is enjoyable, but it might become annoying for some users if used in the long-term. And that only due to the pixelated icons and wallpapers.


If you miss the classic aspect of black icons with white elements, then Zwart is one of the best Android icon packs for you. As we’ve said, it comes with a monochrome package of icons that suits every smartphone out there from time to time.

With 5,000 icons already available, Zwart covers almost any popular app on Android. However, if one icon is not there, you can request for it inside the app.


Atran is one of the best Android icon packs in 2019 because it makes your icons circular and splashes a retro filter over them. It sports 4,000 icons and over 30 HD wallpapers.

Atran gives you an icon pack filled with originality. The app frequently adds new icons, so you could be sure that it covers all the popular app for Android.


If you like post-apocalyptic landscapes or Halloween, why not, then Ruggon is there for you. This icon pack brings the apocalypse on your device’s screen. It also comes with a pack of 89 wallpapers that matches the post-apocalyptic feel that the icons transmit.

Ruggon is undoubtedly one of the best Android icon packs in 2019 for those who love their display to look spooky any time they unlock their smartphone.

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