Top 5 Gmail Alternatives For Android

Gmail is one of the most known email apps that Android users are using. The email app is coming preinstalled on every Android phone and can be more comfortable to use it as it comes. The email is offering useful functions and currently is getting a lot of new features. At the same time, you can always choose to make a change in your email department with other apps. We have a list of five alternatives for Gmail, with their functions and features.

Five Gmail Alternatives For Android


The first choice that could come handy is the well-known Outlook from Microsoft. The email is available for both Android and iOS alongside its other apps from the platform. Outlook for Android is coming with intense colors, a bottom bar for the menus, and the essential feature – prioritization.

What Outlook can do for you is to prioritize your email by ads, news, social media, and relevant emails. Besides this, you will have incorporated in the platform the calendar, TV schedule, Facebook, and even the possibility to upload files from Dropbox or Drive.

Yahoo Mail

Moving on with our top five emails that can replace Gmail, the next popular email is Yahoo Mail. Yahoo Mail is supporting both OS; it is featuring the hamburger menu and other cool functions. The downside of Yahoo Mail is that you can’t use it if you don’t sing up into your Yahoo Account, of course.

Also, you have an excellent feature for folders, documents, and photos with only one swipe. Besides Outlook, if you are using Yahoo Mail, you can log in with your fingerprint, and also have support for Drive, Dropbox, and Linkedln.


Moreover, on the same page with Outlook, is Spark email recently added to Android. With Spark, you will have the same prioritizing feature of your emails grouped on different tabs. The same hamburger menu and action buttons are available in Spark. The password lock option is offered, as well as email snooze and Priority tags for essential emails.

Blue Mail

However, if none of the three options aren’t suitable yet, you can try Blue Mail. The email is not that new, actually, and the way it was developed was more on functionality than the design. You will have animations, calendar, task view, and group functions.

Email by Edison Software

And last, but not the least, Email by Edison Software. The email is coming with the hamburger menu but is quite functional. It has a good design, and two essential features – the Unsubscribe button and the Assistant. The Unsubscribe button is added to the app so you can get rid of the annoying emails very easy. The Assistant will also organize your emails and other data that you need.

Finally, one of these five Gmail alternatives can suit your needs, but at the same time, Gmail remains the first choice. It’s up to you.

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