Twitch Vs. YouTube – The Battle for the Best Streaming Platform

Twitch vs YouTube is the battle for the best streaming that has started when the first platform succeeded to gain more attention. Twitch represents an online platform which provides the best quality when it comes to online streaming. YouTube, on the other hand, thought that approaching this area will bring success. However, the popularity of Twitch, one of the best YouTube alternatives, shows something else.

But why we should consider Twitch over YouTube, though? Of course, both online platforms have their advantages and disadvantages, but even so, why is it still unclear for us? Here is a complete list of reasons, both negative and positive, in choosing wisely and quickly.

Twitch Vs. YouTube – The Battle for the Best Streaming Platform

The Number of Streamers

From the start, the Twitch platform scores a big win! It recorded among years 60K of people, reaching 2 million hours of live video. YouTube succeeded, however, to get almost 22K people, with 460K hours of videos to Live. Calculating everything daily, it appears that Twitch hits the records with 1200 streamers per day, and YouTube, 4500.

Streamers for Mobile Gaming

Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile helped YouTube hit this time 1200 streamers per day, while, Twitch reaches only 26. It seems that YouTube wins this time around!

How Many Views

An option which makes the difference! YouTube possesses a smart in-stream DVR which is available all the time. Meaning that you can access the videos that you have missed up to 3 hours back. Twitch, however, offers something like this only if you archived the video. The advantage of Twitch is the fact that the platform allows you to chat in real-time.

Content Discovery

For Twitch popularity matters, meaning that you are more prone to discover videos which are trending the most. The platform, unfortunately, doesn’t have thumbnails for Live users.


YouTube succeeds to be the best in this category, mainly because it has sponsors. Also, the platform gets 30% from chat donations, and the adds seem to bring even more. Twitch, on the other hand, reaches low scores, because Twitter gets 20 % of the total.

The Bottom Line

As a final statement on Twitch vs YouTube, we could only choose the one we feel most comfortable with. The numbers will always differ, and we can’t consider them all the time a prime reason for choosing one over another. Only time will tell and the platforms’ features and improvements.

Arya Spetza

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