UC Browser Turbo Is Available To Download With Novelties

Many internet users have a favorite browser that gets the job done and makes them happy. In some cases, they tend to opt for the same browser across several devices, even if it may not be the same choice.

UC Turbo is an excellent browser that was designed from the ground up to be fast, efficient, and reliable. Below you can find a complete presentation of the app and its excellent features.

UC Browser Turbo Features

Streamlined design

Many modern browsers tend to include superfluous users that tend to consume more battery instead of enhancing the user experience. UC Turbo features a minimalist design, ditching news streams or push messages in favor of real features.

Fast downloads

A custom-made download protocol offers faster speeds with the help of built-in cloud acceleration.

No ads

Keep those annoying ads away without the need to download a separate app as the browser includes a powerful ad-blocker. Enjoy a smooth experience without being interrupted by pop-ups and other nasty marketing tactics.

Play content in the background

Use the app to play content in the background and to something else in the meantime. This is an excellent feature if you need to multitask but like to listen to something.

Personalization options

Customize your browsing experience by building a homepage filled with shortcuts to your favorite websites. Add, delete, or move shortcuts with just a few taps and enjoy a clutter-free homepage where the only things that are shown are those that matter.

Private browsing

Use the incognito mode to keep sensitive searchers a secret as the browsing history is disabled while the mode is active.

Video download

Harness the power of the video downloader without the need to use a dedicated website or a different app.

Night Mode

Keep your eyes safe and reduce energy consumption by using Night Mode.

What’s New In UC Browser Turbo

Update 18.3.900 comes with a selection of bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Ben Johnson

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