“Unable to Load” Error in PUBG Mobile and Garena Free Fire: We Have the Solution for the Issue

Internet games are so popular these days – and two of the most popular ones are Garena Free Fire and PUBG mobile. But there are many users who encountered some problems with the server.

Apparently, for Garena Free Fire, the loading process takes a lot of time. People have tried to disconnect their router and connect to another, which proved to be useful. But when using their own router, it is the same problem all over again. PUBG also displays different error codes.

In this case, you need to keep in mind that the problem is not the router. The problem stands in your network settings. The issue can be found in the DNS server. We have the solution.

For Android devices

You need to go to Settings, to Connections, to WiFi. Then, hold on the connected network button. After, you need to click on Modify Network. Find the option Advanced Settings, and click on the IP Settings. Don’t forget to check the  DHCP under DNS 1 & DNS 2. You need to put in  for DNS 1, and  for DNS 2.

Keep in mind that you should also check the PUBG mobile ‘Ping And Radio Communication System. For this, you need to open DNS. For DNS 1, write, and for DNS 2, write

For iOS devices

The procedures are the same as those for the Android devices. You just have to change the DNS address. You need to follow them all and correctly. After you complete the entire process, you need to restart the game, and it should run smoothly.

Austin Barrie

Austin Barrie

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