Although sales with the current model are not going so well, Apple seems to launch the iPhone 13 mini

Sales with the iPhone 12 mini were so much below Apple’s expectations that some rumors even announced the cessation of production. Contrary to expectations, Apple seems to be moving forward with the successor to the iPhone 13 mini, ready for launch with a new iPhone SE Plus model.

Despite the not very encouraging prospects left by 2020 and the SARS COV 2 pandemic, Apple decided to launch last fall no less than four iPhone models simultaneously: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Leaving fans ample options for upgrades, Apple hoped to compensate for the decline in sales in the first part of the year. In reality, too few buyers were interested in the cheapest model, the iPhone 12 mini.

Well-known as a brand of premium phones, Apple iPhone sold in times of crisis just the most expensive models, consumers left with more free time and access to regular credit services directly choosing the premium option, without worrying too much about the real cost. This is how the iPhone 12 mini reached the tail of preferences, too few of the fans really wanting to own the smallest iPhone model, at the price of $ 699. In exchange, those really constrained by the budget simply chose the iPhone SE model, priced at $ 399.

However, even if the production of iPhone 12 mini could stop earlier than expected, Apple does not seem to want to retire the “mini” brand so early. According to industry sources, the American company will launch this fall iPhone 13 mini, betting on overcoming the current COVID crisis and the general revival of the smartphone market. Starting from the same premises, Apple will also launch iPhone SE Plus, a slightly more expensive iPhone SE but with extra features. But we will find out the exact details closer to the moment of launch.

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