Users reported WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram Crashes

The mighty company Facebook is the one that owns the famous messaging application WhatsApp, and the loved Instagram app. Together they are having billion of people on their platforms that are messaging, posting, sending, and receiving pictures or videos. It’s almost impossible nowadays that you won’t find a user on the three platforms, which means they have become an essential thing in our lives.

At the end of last month, Facebook had some terrible days. The popular social network and its apps WhatsApp and Instagram have crashed. WhatsApp especially had a lot of problems, many of them reported by users who couldn’t send; receive messages, pictures, and videos. The problem was on both Android and iPhone users. They were unable to connect at all on the chat app. The only thing that the app did was to show the loading symbol over and over without connecting at all.

The Facebook Family Is Not Working Properly

The problems with the three applications were found more in the UK and a part of Europe. A lot of users reported the issues and the solutions they have tried to make WhatsApp work again. Besides the connecting problem that many users have experienced, some of them had difficulty with the Last Seen status. Their solution was to uninstall and reinstall the app. It seemed to work for a while, and after that, the problem reappeared. If they checked the Settings, their status was changed from Contacts Only to Everyone.

Besides this, other users have tried to use the desktop version of WhatsApp, and the same problem happened there. An idea from a user was to clear the cookies or to use different Internet connections. Unfortunately, nothing has worked. At the same time, many reports were sent to WhatsApp, and they have done their best to fix the problem.

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