Valve Index Is Sold out Around the Globe: So What’s Next?

The first flagship VR title of Valve is Half-Life: Alyx, and it is set to hit the market on the 23rd of March. However, the company’s index VR set is still not available to buy direct. This shortage has seen secondary markets selling the headset at a 150% price premium.

The Index Stock check

If things were bad before, now they’re worse.

Between 31 regions where sold, there’s 155 ‘region-SKUs’ and 5 Index SKUs. Out of those, only one is still available. This is the Headset-only package, which was sold in Japan.

When it comes to last month, Valve’s Index store pages kept telling the customers that they were too busy to catch up with the demands for Valve Index. They asked users to sign up for an email notification, which they would get when there would be new stock.

What about Bottleneck?

We are expecting the that Index stock will be back, but we have not heard of any reports of customers actually being notified about the stock.

It seems that the manufacturing has been halted entirely.  But we are all wondering why. Valve may be changing its manufacturing line, perhaps moving it to a larger place in order to support the demand.

The Coronavirus has made it quite difficult for people to keep working – this is coming from Oculus. But Valve has not talked about the impact of the outbreak. We believe that Valve makes the Index device in the US, but there is a possibility that some of the components are coming from China.

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