VLC Media Player vs. Windows Media Player – Best Features and Specs Comparison

Anybody likes to watch video content and listen to music on his laptop. There’s a wide variety of media player software to choose from that can do the job, but the ideal one could be right in your own backyard: Windows Media Player. VLC also has amazing capabilities, and so do many other software of its kind, but now, we will be focusing our attention on the two above mentioned programs. Therefore, choosing between VLC Media Player and Windows Media Player could be a difficult task.

Deciding which one of the two media players is better can be relative. The answer may depend on each one’s desire regarding the features a media player software must possess.

Windows Media Player

Everybody knows about it since it’s the default media player for Windows OS. You can customize it quickly in various ways. You can store and play videos, music, and even pictures. You can also use WMP to play music from CD’s quickly, if by some reason there still is anybody in 2019 who doesn’t use cloud technology for saving his files outside of the computer. The player also includes online radio, which can be pretty useful if you run out of ideas of music to listen to.

Windows Media Player supports other multiple platforms besides Windows, such as Mac OS X, Palm-size PC, Windows mobile, Handheld PC, Solaris, and Mac OS.

VLC Media Player

At a first glimpse, this one seems like a better media player program than Windows Media Player. VLC can play video content that isn’t complete or if it’s damaged. Also, this multimedia player can play multiple formats of video and audio. It can access inner files, TV capture cards, or networks streaming protocol.

Platforms supported by VLC: Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Syllable, Morph OS, BeOS, and Sharp Zaurus


VLC Media Player seems by far to be the better choice. Supporting all formats of videos is not something you regularly see on software multimedia players.

Of course, you have the right to doubt our conclusion, and you can convince yourself by downloading and testing both apps.

Austin Barrie

Austin Barrie

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