we spread out our time on Facebook: study

Web surfers are relieving the stress of Facebook by having fun elsewhere on Facebook instead of completely unplugging, according to European research.

An examination of the habits of 444 Facebook users showed that people alternate between conversing with acquaintances, reading news, and updating their profiles as each activity becomes stressful, which is why increase the risk of reliance on technology.

The research team at Lancaster University, the University of Bamberg and Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg said that Facebook is becoming a stress coping mechanism for which the social network is at least partly responsible for.

Although it may seem paradoxical, this is not surprising, said Nadia Seraiocco, a doctoral student at the Université du Québec à Montréal specializing in new media.

The creators of these platforms designed them, and more and more continue to design them, to hold our attention. The network that is the cause of our anxiety, instead of getting away from it and doing something else, we will say, “distract yourself here.” It can not be healthy.

Nadia Seraiocco

She explains that, in the of of Facebook, we tried to reproduce as much as possible of what our daily life was before the arrival of such gigantic platforms, at the time when our online activity was fragmented between several places.

“We opened our computer, we went to see our emails, we went on the site of a media, from there, we went to see what was happening on YouTube, she illustrated. While now, when you get on Facebook, you can stay captive on the platform for several hours because whatever you want to do, even a little shopping with Marketplace, you’ll find it on the platform. All your friends, practically, are there, the causes and the media you follow also have a presence on Facebook.

And that’s what Facebook wants. Seraiocco adds that it is no coincidence that Facebook is talking about the possibility of presenting music, films or even television series on its website.

More time on Facebook, more advertising revenue

“It’s the idea of ​​keeping us there, because the more you’re there, the more time you spend, the more advertising you’re going to broadcast, or the data you’re going to deliver to the platform that has a high market value. That’s the point of keeping us there all the time,” she explained.

Several former employees of the company do not hide it besides: everything is designed and designed to hold us as long as possible.

A few years ago, during conferences on the use of social networks, Mrs. Seraiocco remembers advising those present to go out for air when an online conversation became a little too difficult, instead of launch into an endless argumentation.

“Here, what we will tell you is rather, “do your relaxation online, on our site, and go shopping for bikes on Marketplace”, which is not quite healthy, did you she lamented. At some point, we have to get away from it, but we have become used to staying connected. We are in a world a little closed, even if we do not realize it.”

The findings of the study mentioned in this article are published by the journal Information Systems Journal.

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