WhatFont vs. Font Finder vs. FontScanner – Best Font Extensions for Chrome

Webpages are more interactive than ever, and some internet users may be charmed by the fonts used by a specific one. In the past it was quite easy to recognize a specific font, but this is no longer the case as a variety of custom fonts are available for free on the internet.

To make the task considerably easier, you can download and use a font identifying extension. Most are quite easy to use and can be downloaded in a few minutes. Below you can find a selection of handy extensions which are compatible with Chrome. Likely, similar extensions or equivalents are also available for other platforms.


WhatFont is the most popular extension on our list, with more than one million downloads on the Chrome Web Store, which is quite impressive. It is quite easy to use as the user can identify a font by clicking on the extension button and then pint the cursor to a word. The name of the font will appear underneath, and it can identify several fonts on the same page.

Font Finder

As the name may infer Font Finder will quickly identify a specific font. After the extension is installed you can click on a letter or a word and a pop-up box will offer a wide assortment of valuable information. While this extension was created with professional users in mind, it is easy to use, and the additional information can come in handy in some cases. An interesting feature of Font Finder allows user to replace a font type on a live webpage without the need to recode it, which is great for making design choices.


The other extensions on this list can handle a word or a letter at a time, but FontScanner will survey the entire page and offer a list of all the fonts which can be identified. It’s a great one-click solution which can save valuable time.

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