WhatsApp 2.20.2 Beta Launched With Some Novelties and Improvements

For many smartphone users across the world, WhatsApp is an essential app that offers them the ability to stay in touch with their friends and their families. Recently, WhatsApp 2.20.2 Beta rolled out with some novelties.

A short history of WhatsApp

The iconic app was released more than a decade ago, is exclusive for an extended period. During the early years, the app didn’t offer many of the features that have been introduced today. Still, it became a quick hit among iOS users since it allowed users to send and receive messages for free, as long as they had access to a reliable internet connection, with Wi-Fi being favored.

The success of the app allowed the developer to attract investors who believed in the future of the company. An App Store version of the app was released in November 2009, and a BlackBerry version was developed and released after two months. In time, WhatsApp continued to evolve as new updates were released. Recent versions of the app come with a wealth of features that make it better than ever.

WhatsApp’s features

A great boon is represented by the app that the app and all of its features are available for free. In the past, the app was available for free during the first year. Users who wanted to use the app after the time limit expired had to pay $1 per year. While the sum may seem to be modest, some users were forced to abandon the service since their money could not be processed.

Users of the app also enjoy the ability to perform voice and video calls for free, without the need to worry about their monthly plan. You can call people from all over the world and talk with them without problems. A reliable Wi-Fi connection is recommended for those who want to use this feature since it can consume a large amount of data.

What’s new in WhatsApp 2.20.2 Beta?

The new WhatsApp 2.20.2 Beta has just been released, and it comes with new performance changes and improvements. Some new features also made their appearance. You can join the WhatsApp Beta program on the Google Play Store.

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