WhatsApp Android Version Receives Fingerprint Unlock

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging app, has just gotten better. Now, the WhatsApp Android version received the fingerprint unlock feature that has been available to the iOS variant for some time.

WhatsApp Android Version Features Fingerprint Unlock From Now On

Thanks to the new function, users can secure their chats better than ever because the app will now ask for users’ biometrics details to unlock. Evidently, the new feature needs a smartphone equipped with a fingerprint sensor to work.

Those of you, who use banking apps and other financial-related applications, are already used to the function. So, we can say that WhatsApp on Android got more secure than ever, but let’s see more about this feature.

Once you have set the fingerprint unlock function in WhatsApp, anytime you will exit the app and return to it, you will have to scan your fingerprint to open the instant messaging application. That might seem slow for some users, but the increased security that the feature brings makes up for any delay, to put it that way.

How To Set Up Fingerprint Unlock In The WhatsApp Android Version

To take advantage of the new function, you have to activate it. For that, go to Settings -> Account -> Privacy and select Fingerprint Lock. Once there, switch on the Unlock With Fingerprint option. Confirm your fingerprint to finish the setup.

The WhatsApp team highlighted that the new feature would only work on compatible Android smartphones. That means on any device that has a fingerprint scanner. In addition, users can set the new function to lock the app immediately, in one minute, or 30 minutes after users exit WhatsApp.

What Can Users Without A Smartphone With A Fingerprint Sensor Do?

If you still use a smartphone without a fingerprint sensor, then you will still have some solutions to protect your chats in WhatsApp. One of the best options you’ll have is to download a third-party WhatsApp locking application. There are dozens on Google Play Store.

But, none of those would be as secure as the official fingerprint unlock function that finally reached the WhatsApp Android versions earlier.

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