WhatsApp Bug Reported on iOS Devices, Affecting The Online Status and Notifications

WhatsApp, perhaps the most used messaging app in the world, was initially launched in November 2009. There is no doubt that the renown messaging application has developed over the years, as its developers are often testing numerous exciting and new features for all platforms.

The WhatsApp bug on iOS devices

Even so, the Beta testing stage can sometimes go wrong. WhatsApp web users reported a peculiar issue in the last period. The problem is mainly observed by some iOS users who recently updated the operating system on their devices to iOS 13.

As per numerous forum reports, the users appear offline, although the mobile data is enabled. Moreover, notifications aren’t appearing on the screen anymore unless they open the application.

Allegedly, the bug has only affected notifications on iOS-powered devices. It remains to be seen if the issue is present on other platforms, including WhatsApp Web client for Mac and Android. The culprit behind the problem is not known.

There is no fix so far

One user reported on Reddit: “Since apple can’t really answer my problem. I’ll try it here. Is there anyone who is experiencing some notification problem on WhatsApp since updating to ios 13? I’ve appeared as “offline,” even if I have my mobile data on. Messages won’t come through unless I open WhatsApp itself. Please help. It’s been going for a month now.”

​And another wrote as well: “Yeah, having the same problem since updating to iOS 13 two days ago. Until the app is opened, messages won’t come through. Also, having problems backing up my chat through WhatsApp, its stuck and doesn’t want to continue even though I have enough space in my iCloud.”

​Moreover, some iOS users who executed a full reset of the device reported that the issue still exists. Sadly, there is no solving available now, and users may need to wait until WhatsApp developers roll out a fix.

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