WhatsApp Gold Hoax Returns Again

An old WhatsApp hoax has surfaced again, sparking heated debates on the internet.

The WhatsApp Gold hoax appeared in 2016 and claimed that users could gain access to a special version of the service, which includes extra features. At that point the scammers argued that WhatsApp Gold would let players perform video calls, send 100 photos at once, or to delete messages even if several hours have passed.

A link directed users to page from where they could download the update in theory, but the real destination was a website infected with dangerous malware. The malware allows attackers to inject malicious code into your device and gain access to personal data.

The revived version of the hoax stars a viral message which informs readers that they will receive a video known as martinelli. Users are advised to delete the video as fast as possible since it can infect their device with malware.

As expected, the martinelli video does not exist, but it played an important role in the spread of the WhatsApp Gold scam. At the end of the message users are advised to avoid links that promise the ability to update the device to WhatsApp Gold.

A reliable security firm has released a statement that paints the message as nothing more than a hoax, and several sources note that the martinelli video is not real. Those who receive the message should inform the sender that they were tricked into spreading a false message and ask them to stop forwarding it.

WhatsApp Gold is the only legitimate part of the message as the fake apps have been mentioned several times in the last years. The promise of exclusive features which can give you an advantage in comparison to other users seems to be too charming for some, allowing hackers to gain valuable data.

To avoid any potential issues, do not download any WhatsApp updates from external websites.

Austin Barrie

Austin Barrie

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