WhatsApp Is Draining Users Battery (Both Android and iOS)

Using the phone all day will for sure drain your phone’s battery quite rapidly, but you should take a better look at some of the apps you are using. For example, WhatsApp is one of the apps that is draining your phone’s battery, both on Android and iOS. In time, users started to report this severe problem after they updated the app with the latest version on both OS.

Is WhatsApp Affecting Your Battery?

After all the complaints about the issues with the battery life while using the messaging apps, WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo was the one that confirmed everything. Indeed WhatsApp is draining the battery after the last update 2.19.112. What is happening is that the draining battery activity is on high levels in the background. The background activity of WhatsApp can consume even 40% of the battery. Many iPhone users have posted on Twitter the battery activity with the last WhatsApp update for 24 hours.

Moreover, iPhone users aren’t the only ones with this crucial problem. Android users are reporting the same battery draining problem regarding WhatsApp. After the latest WhatsApp update number 2.19.308, one Android user of OnePlus 6 has posted about the same problem. It seems that OnePlus smartphones are the most affected. Another OnePlus user is stating that the battery level dropped with 16% in five minutes use of WhatsApp.

Also, if you are a OnePlus user, take a closer look at your battery life while using WhatsApp, because users that own a Samsung Galaxy, or an Honor, didn’t have a single problem with the battery while using the messenger app.

Finally, a solution for this problem exists until WhatsApp will do something to fix the bug. Until we have an official response, if you have the same problem with your battery because of the latest WhatsApp version 2.19.308, take a backup and uninstall the app. After that, you can come back to the previous version 2.19.291, for example, and check your battery life.

Austin Barrie

Austin Barrie

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