WhatsApp Is Now A Part of the Revamped Crisis Response Tool

The crisis response tool offered by Facebook will now include the option to provide or ask for help with the help of WhatsApp. It is estimated that the tool is used in over 300 crises spread across 80 countries. According to a reliable source, the tool will offer real-time information related to current disasters.

In the past, the option to reply to requests for help was limited to the use of Facebook Messenger. With the help of the latest update, the social network will send valuable data to state and local authorities, among which we can count federal relief agencies like Direct Relief, the National Alliance for Public Safety, and the GIS foundation.

The company also plans to expand the Data for Good tool as it aims to offer improved support for relief organizations that distribute supplies by using anonymized data. A significant improvement to the disaster maps will convey information that can make a difference in some cases.

WhatsApp Is Now A Part of the Revamped Crisis Response Tool

The crisis response app was created after community members used the Facebook app to interact which each other after disasters struck. Facebook decided to bring tools like Safety Check, Community Help, and Fundraisers under one major hub known under the name of Crisis Response.

It is important to note that the potential to help people during hard times is quite high, as more than 2.5 billion people use the popular platform each day. While Facebook has been through some hot waters recently, especially after politicians called Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the company, to a series of hearings as the wanted to learn more about how the company harvests and used data collected from users.

As Facebook continues to expand into more fields, some fear that the company will become too massive for its good, and that would include WhatsApp. Only time will tell if they are right.

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