WhatsApp-like Instant Messaging App Under Development in India

We have all seen the popularity and the rise of messaging services: WhatsApp and Viber are only two good examples. Most tech giants out there want to have their own messaging service – nothing new here. But have you heard about a government wanting the same thing? India, for example – they want to develop their own “WhatsApp,” only for Indian users.

But why is this happening?

Some nations have some have instant messaging services that only run on the servers set up in their own country. We are talking about the nations that are fighting with other nations or that ore in a proxy war. Russia runs telegram, Line is Japanese, WeChat is Chinese, Facebook and WhatsApp are American, and Viber is Israeli. See what we’re talking about?

India has one of these, too, and it is called Hike, owned by the huge private telecom Bharti Airtel, but the app is not as popular as the other ones. But just think about why a government would want its messaging app.

India develops a WhatsApp-like instant messaging app

India wants its own messaging app to prevent its citizens against some potential cyber-attacks. As per some reports, the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology asked some developers to created something like an alternative to WhatsApp, but its acronyms to be GIMS, which stands for Government Instant Messaging Service. The app might be released in the last quarter of 2020.

Why is this a big deal for India?

Reports stated that they want to keep safe the info from the Indian servers. The government also wants its officers and employees to start using GIMs, rather than other ways of communicating, such as e-mail, or in informal ways. They say it would be faster, too. Only time will tell if the Indian WhatsApp-like app will eventually launch globally.

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