WhatsApp Newest Security Threats – Malware and Spam

When you say WhatsApp, you are practically saying Facebook and all that it’s containing. But the thing is that WhatsApp started, remained, and will most probably be one of the most used messaging platforms in the world. Statistically speaking, more than one billion users are using WhatsApp, and the number of messages sent through a day is around 65 billion. But at the same, is WhatsApp safe?

Threats, Malware and Spam

One of the many dangers that users can encounter while using the messaging application is through WhatsApp Web. The app has offered a method of using WhatsApp on your desktop, but this version is much vulnerable than the ones we have on our device. Why is that? Because through the app store ( both Android and iOS), the application is the original version, secure and clean. Through the web, you can find different websites or desktop app than can actually be malicious software. The hackers are trying a lot of methods to trick you, so if you want to use the app on the desktop, use the official source – WhatsApp Web.

Moreover, another serious threat can come from the backup of your WhatsApp messages. The way the backup is working is by end-to-end encryption. All of your messages are stored for a later backup available on both iOS and Android in case you want to recover them. The backup will happen on the cloud service ( Google Drive or iCloud), but the messages aren’t encrypted. So if a hacker wants to access them, everything is vulnerable.

Besides this, Facebook was the one that decided to add WhatsApp in their home and to keep the data of the two apps separate. The EU was the one that approved the fusion only if this requirement is respected. But this year, Facebook announced that all their apps, including Instagram and WhatsApp, will merge. This could be a problem in the future because all the messages will be on the same network when the merge is complete.

Finally, the last thing that can make you vulnerable is the WhatsApp Status. It now works like the Instagram stories, but the difference was if the persons you were blocking in WhatsApp can see or not your status? Fortunately, the company has resolved this problem, and now the blocked person can’t see your status. The most concerning issue regarding WhatsApp is the fact that it is owned by Facebook, who is suffering a lot of privacy dangers.

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