WhatsApp Privacy Breach – Update Now To Tackle

WhatsApp is probably the most popular instant messaging app in the world. On Android and iOS, for example, it sums up to about 1,5 billion monthly active users. That’s a considerable number, thinking that WhatsApp competes with Skype and Telegram, as well as with other apps of this kind.

Why is WhatsApp so popular?

In 2014, Facebook Inc., the parent company of Facebook and Instagram social media platforms, has bought WhatsApp, an instant messaging application designed for iOS. While WhatsApp had been a paid-to-use app until the purchase from Facebook Inc., once the company acquired it, the app became free and available for Android, too.

The popularity of WhatsApp was all about its features. With everything from sending free messages via WiFi or mobile data, sharing files or images, and voice mails to sharing your thoughts through statuses, this app has it all.

The privacy problems of WhatsApp

WhatsApp has frequently been the topic of many privacy or security issues. From the wrongly sent messages, banning errors to some other glitches concerning file sharing, and so on, WhatsApp worried its users.

However, WhatsApp promises that it will keep your messages safe, as it is an instant messaging app that will always encrypt your writings. But, today, we’ll debate yet another problem that regards a WhatsApp privacy breach.

The new WhatsApp privacy breach

As per CERT, the Indian primary cybersecurity agency, there is a new WhatsApp security issue that could mean a severe privacy breach for its users. As reported, a video file infected with malware is the trigger for this recently announced WhatsApp bug.

India is, at the time of the writing, the primary target of the beforementioned malware. But, this might be an issue for every person that uses WhatsApp. Accordingly, you should be careful the next time you download a video file via the instant messaging application.

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